Girls trip to Paris including Chanel shopping.

4 days in Paris – a summary

It’s impossible to sum up a 4 day trip to Paris in just one post, but it’s been so hectic since I got back home so I decided to write a summary of some of the highlights just to give you a little taste. Later there will be more posts about food, drink, shopping, and outfits. With tons of pictures!

Not only did I go to Paris, I went to Paris with one of my best friends! In addition, it was her birthday weekend and what better place to celebrate your bestie than in Paris? We started off with an early flight from Oslo, excited as little children. Since we both have been to Paris several times, we wanted to avoid the tourist attractions and just enjoy this beautiful city with the café life, people-watching and shopping.

Girls trip to Paris including Chanel shopping.

Cafè life in Paris

Cafè life is the best in Paris. Having a coffee or a glass of wine while people-watching is always a great idea. Personally, I love sitting outdoors at a classic Parisian café, but we also got a lot of great restaurant recommendations before we left, which I plan to write a post about later. We couldn’t try them all, but we had lunch at Hotel Costes one day which was kind of a must-try.

But there are so many cozy cafés on almost every corner in Paris that you want to sit down all the time! And sometimes we did. What’s better than sipping wine and chatting with your bestie while people-watching in Paris? Definitely one of my favorite things to do!

Girls trip to Paris including Chanel shopping.

Lunch at Hotel Costes.

Girls trip to Paris including Chanel shopping.

Coffee break.

Girls trip to Paris including Chanel shopping.

People watching with a glass of wine.

Black belt in shopping

And of course, there was shopping! I have a black belt in shopping so nothing is a coincidence. Why I’m not a personal shopper is a mystery. I plan several weeks ahead, sometimes several months, especially if there is something special I really want but can’t get back home. I plan, I sell, I save. But you never know what the boutiques have in stock so there are butterflies in your shopping stomach until you are actually there.

And for this lucky lady a long time Chanel dream came through. They had my exact dream bag. The model, color combination, and size was just right. I will reveal this beauty in my next post, but first up is a little teaser. Here you see a very happy girl with her dream bag carefully wrapped up in the iconic white box and shopping bag you only get at Chanel’s flagship boutique at 31 Rue Cambon (in all other Chanel boutiques you’ll get a black box and bag). Plus a complimentary glass of Champagne. It can’t get any better than this, shopping wise!

Girls trip to Paris including Chanel shopping.

Happy girl at Chanel 31 Rue Cambon.

Girls trip to Paris including Chanel shopping.

Bracelet shopping at Dior.

Girls trip to Paris including Chanel shopping.

Belt bonanza at Gucci.

Girls trip to Paris.

Of course a visit to Balenciaga is a must.

Location location location

I’ve stayed a few times in Marais earlier, so this time we wanted a different location. We stayed at a hotel in the Latin Quarter named Les Bulles de Paris, and this hotel had a Champagne theme. How suitable! The rooms are nicely decorated, but really small so I recommend upgrading to a superior room. These rooms are on a higher floor as well with a great street view. The location was perfect. We were just a short walk from the charming area of Saint Germain and the Notre Dame cathedral, plus there was a metro station close by. And of course a few charming cafés right outside the door. I never get tired of beautiful Paris and can’t wait to go back.

Girls trip to Paris including Chanel shopping.

Hotel room view in charming Latin Quarter.

Girls trip to Paris including Chanel shopping.

Eiffel Tower

This post will replace the usual HAPPY PUGGY FRIDAY, hope I’m forgiven. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m not much of a big city person, so I’ve been unsure if whether I would like Paris or not, but I’m a HUGE people watcher. So I could totally dig sitting at cafes for hours and doing that lol. Sounds like you guys had fun!

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