Polka dot dress and dad sneakers

Polka dot dress and Balenciaga Triple S. The feminine dress and dad sneakers.

A polka dot dress and dad sneakers are the perfect summer outfit for 2018. The ugly sneaker trend, also called the dad sneaker trend, is something we either love or hate. Personally, I love it, especially paired with a feminine dress. Polka dot dress for a steal Polka dots is something I’ve never […]

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Balenciaga Like A Man denim jacket

Balenciaga Like A Man denim jacket. The coolest oversized denim jacket!

The Balenciaga Like A Man denim jacket is not like any other denim jackets. At least not in my eyes. But that’s perhaps because I’m a tiny bit more interested in Balenciaga than most others? In general, a denim jacket is something I consider to be an affordable piece, something I […]

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