How to style a brooch in 10 different ways

10 ways to wear a brooch. Chanel brooches.

I’ve shared my love for the Chanel brooch with you earlier and in this post, I’ll show you how to style a brooch in 10 different ways. The sky is the limit if you are a little creative. There are so many ways you can wear a brooch to lift an outfit, and that is why I […]

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The Chanel brooch

chanel crystal brooch, how to style a chanel brooch, chanel brooch and pink peonies

The Chanel brooch is a classic piece that can lift an outfit to another level. When I was younger I associated wearing a brooch with ladies over a certain age. I grew up seeing them on my grandmother and great-grandmother. These two ladies were very classy and elegant. I admired their style when I was a […]

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The Balenciaga collector, confessions from a crazy handbag lady

Balenciaga City bag, 2005 Rouge Theatre.

The Balenciaga collector, confessions from a crazy handbag lady Have you ever been obsessed with anything in particular? Collecting stamps, football cards, or Star Wars products? Whatever it is you’re collecting it all boils down to the same thing. You need certain pieces in your collection and you willing to do whatever it takes to […]

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The first

Balenciaga City bag in Tomato, Chanel mini rectangle bag in purple, Chanel mini rectangle bag in black chevron, Balenciaga Hip bag in Gris Pyrite, Gucci Marmont bag in Ivory, Celine medium Box bag in Camel, Chanel brooch, Hermes Twilly, Hermes Collier de Chien in black, Balenciaga Triple Tour bracelet in Beige Nougat.

  The pursesandpugs blog is brought to life again! I started pursesandpugs in 2010 and kept it going until 2013. Back then I documented outfits and my passion for handbags and other accessories with only an iPhone. The pictures were terrible. It was very much an amateur blog. Nothing wrong with that, but after a […]

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