Current handbag wish list – my top 8 dream bags and WHY they are on the list

Current handbag wish list, my top 8 dream bags and WHY they are on the list. Chanel, Balenciaga, Fendi, Gucci, Chloe, Hermes.

Current handbag wish list I don’t know about you, but my handbag wish list is a never-ending story. I always have a “current handbag wish list”. Some of the bags have been on my list forever, and some come and go. For a handbag enthusiast that doesn’t have a money tree (where can I grow […]

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Review: Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (GST)

2012 Chanel GST red caviar with silver hardware

I will do reviews here on pursesandpugs. Mainly of handbags I have in my collection, but also of other types of accessories. First up will be a review of my Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (GST). Why reviews? When buying something designer, new or pre-loved, I always do my research first. In fact, that is half the […]

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