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Friday is my absolute favorite day of the week. There is something special about that happy Friday vibe. We’re in an extra good mood, ready for the weekend ahead. So, HAPPY PUGGY FRIDAY! And by that, I don’t only mean a very happy Friday to you, but I also want to […]

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Hello YouTube

Flat lay of my MacBook Pro, iPad, black Chanel Reissue 226 bag, black Chanel small O case, burgundy Balenciaga card holder, pursesandpugs YouTube channel, roses

YouTuber. Just saying the word feels strange. I have never considered being one. It’s for the cool kids, vloggers or those with a specific talent. But when I decided to revive the pursesandpugs blog, my vision was to create lighthearted, informative and visual blog posts about fashion, handbags and accessories, […]

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