Love glitter and glam? Here’s my favorite sparkly holiday outfits!

It’s the holiday season and if you’re like me, that equals a lot of glitter and glam! Let’s face it, sparkly and blingy things really do brighten up this dark time of year.

And even though it’s called “party wear” you don’t have to go to a party to wear it! Why not add a sequin top with jeans and a chunky cardigan? A glittery top to your favorite skirt? Or sparkly socks in your booties? This is something I love to wear in my Balenciaga cut out boots.

I’ve been browsing around in high street stores, both in stores and online, and here are a few of my favorite pieces this season.



Zara is a great place for sparkly things at the moment. This sequin dress is my absolute favorite and it had to come home with me. I apologize in advance for my messy hair and mountain boot look! I wasn’t particularly glammed up this day as I often have a lack of energy due to chemotherapy (more about that here). But whatever makes you comfy, right? Now, back to this beautiful sequin dress I scored:


Other sparkly alternatives I love from Zara at the moment:


Sparkly favorites from other high street stores

Like I mentioned, there’s no need to go to a party to wear something sparkly, even though it’s called “party wear”. It’s the holiday season and you can be dazzling no matter what! If you need some extra bling on a normal day, just go for it.

Life is short, wear the dress! Or shoes. Or handbag.

Here are a few of my favorite sparkly things from other high street stores:


Revolve silver sequin top


Revolve sequin jogger


Revolve gold sequin jacket


La Redoute gold belt


La Redoute glittery pumps


Topshop silver velvet suit


Topshop floral beaded sequin dress



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