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For those of you who subscribe to my newsletter, you’re probably used to getting the weekly HAPPY PUGGY FRIDAY newsletter in your mailbox by now. Hopefully, you like getting this little weekend kickstart every Friday. Or maybe it drowns in your already full inbox and you forget to read it?

Goodbye newsletter, hello blog post

I know it can be annoying and overwhelming to receive a bunch of unnecessary emails in your mailbox every day. Especially if the more important and interesting ones drown in a pile of them. We’ve all been there, you’ll clean up your inbox and read them all “later”. Which means never.

Of course, I hope the HAPPY PUGGY FRIDAY newsletter falls into your “interesting” or “fun to read” category. At least I know that a lot of you enjoy them because I’ve received so much positive feedback!

Because of all of this positive feedback (thank you!!!) and the fact that I know not all of you like to receive a bunch of emails all the time, or perhaps you don’t check your mailboxes regularly, I’ve decided that the HAPPY PUGGY FRIDAY will no longer be a weekly newsletter, but a weekly blog post.

In this way, the HAPPY PUGGY FRIDAY is available to anyone who wants to kickstart the weekend with some fun feel-good stuff, fashion and non-fashion related. Plus tips and tricks, giveaways, deals and coupons, and of course a dash of pugs!

My pug, pugdog, doggy, pugs

Enough with the rambling, let’s get to it

The summer sale has started and I’m drooling all over this floral dress from ASOS.

Who doesn’t love Gwyneth Paltrow and her classy style with a preppy touch? Here are 10 Trendproof Investment Pieces that you’ll have forever from her blog Goop.com, and I couldn’t agree more.

Every morning drink a big cup of ginger and lemon tea. I chop up fresh ginger, squeeze half a lemon, add boiling water, and let it brew for 15-30 minutes (while I take a shower, change the baby, etc.). Did you know that these two ingredients boost the immune system, promote hair and skin health, reduce fever, regulate blood sugar, and aid digestion? If not, here are 9 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Ginger Tea.

I seriously need this tee or anything else for that matter, as long it’s the pug squad! And yes, it’s a men’s tee, I like it oversized.

This week I drooled over a bunch of Fendi bags in real life, so my bag crush of the week is this little cutie. Love the color – and that face! And it’s 20% off at the moment!

Wish you all a great puggy weekend!

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