Why I love Céline handbags

Celine classic medium box bag in camel

 Celine classic medium box bag in camel

Celine classic medium box bag in camel

When Céline launched the Luggage tote and Box bag back in 2010, I fell instantly in love. Sleek elegance and a new design was a breath of fresh air, especially for us handbag fanatics. Phoebe Philo had indeed revived the brand and created new it-bags, that over the years, have turned into classics.

Céline handbags and accessories are chic and elegant, but still very unique. I can easily spot a Céline handbag, even though it’s pretty much logoless and quite discrete. Same goes for their smaller accessories like wallets and sunglasses. My favorite brand of sunglasses is definitely Céline.

I’ve owned two Céline Luggage totes in the medium and mini size, and although I absolutely LOVE the design, they can only be carried by hand, which is not so practical with toddlers. I need to have a shoulder strap option as well. So, unfortunately, they had to go to new homes. Instead, I got the elegant Classic Box bag. This has been a dream bag for many years, but I’ve been hesitant as I heard the smooth leather versions (which I wanted) scratched easily. Céline must have gotten complaints regarding this because they switched to a more durable leather type on their Box bags in smooth leather a few seasons ago. I’ve had my Box bag for a year now and so far so good, there are no scratches and the bag holds up really well.

Celine classic medium box bag in camel

The Celiné Box bag is so far the most successful bag I have owned from them. The Luggage bags, unfortunately, don’t work for me as they are pretty heavy and have no shoulder strap option (except the smallest size, Nano). The Box a beautiful and elegant shoulder bag with no flashy logos, I really like that. Been drooling over a Belt bag for a long time though, so maybe one day!


Celine medium Box bag in camel and gold hardware.

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