In the streets of Malaga

Red maxi dress in the streets of Malaga

Last week we were on a family holiday in Malaga, Spain. One of my favorite things to do on holiday is to walk around, looking at everything the city has to offer and sucking in the culture. Walking in the streets of Malaga is fascinating, you’ll definitely not be bored. This city in the south of […]

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Balenciaga Like A Man denim jacket

Balenciaga Like A Man denim jacket. The coolest oversized denim jacket!

The Balenciaga Like A Man denim jacket is not like any other denim jackets. At least not in my eyes. But that’s perhaps because I’m a tiny bit more interested in Balenciaga than most others? In general, a denim jacket is something I consider to be an affordable piece, something I buy at H&M or Topshop. […]

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Essential wardrobe pieces

Essential wardrobe pieces Regardless of your personal style and preferred color palette, there are a few essential pieces that should be in your wardrobe to glue it all together. As much as you may love pop colors and statement pieces (I know I do!) you need a neutral base. And when you don’t know what to wear […]

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