What’s in my bag? The Chanel GST

What's in my 2012 red caviar Chanel GST with silver hardware: Balenciaga wallet, Balenciaga coin purse, Chanel small O case, Chanel portable phone charger, iPad, iPhone 7 Plus, oat bar, pug house keys, car keys, leather gloves, hair clip

The first what’s in my bag here on pursesandpugs will be what I have in my Chanel GST. This is a beautiful looking bag, but I also love its practicality and how it’s divided inside. The compartments and pockets makes it so easy to organise your things. This is a great tote and you can also read […]

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The Balenciaga collector, confessions from a crazy handbag lady

Balenciaga City bag, 2005 Rouge Theatre.

The Balenciaga collector, confessions from a crazy handbag lady Have you ever been obsessed with anything in particular? Collecting stamps, football cards, or Star Wars products? Whatever it is you’re collecting it all boils down to the same thing. You need certain pieces in your collection and you willing to do whatever it takes to […]

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Hello YouTube

Flat lay of my MacBook Pro, iPad, black Chanel Reissue 226 bag, black Chanel small O case, burgundy Balenciaga card holder, pursesandpugs YouTube channel, roses

YouTuber. Just saying the word feels strange. I have never considered being one. It’s for the cool kids, vloggers or those with a specific talent. But when I decided to revive the pursesandpugs blog, my vision was to create lighthearted, informative and visual blog posts about fashion, handbags and accessories, and a YouTube channel is […]

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