sequin dress with a chanel jumbo and a balenciaga hip

In our wardrobes, out of huge piles of clothes and accessories, what do we REALLY use? Are you like me, getting tons of inspiration from magazines, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, bla bla bla, and discover things you just HAVE to have, just because it looks fabulous in that picture?

Your life will be perfect if you get it too

The perfect handbag, the perfect piece of jewelry, the perfect pair of shoes. They look so good on those beautiful people in those beautiful pictures. Your life will be perfect if you get it too. Because you will definitely look as good as those beautiful people, or you want the damn bag for the sake of just owning it and seeing for yourself what the fuss is all about. You drool and you dream. You torture yourself with obsessive thoughts until you can’t take it anymore. Then you finally have it in your hand and the world should be a better place. No? It wasn’t what you expected or it’s really uncomfortable to wear. What do you do?

Balenciaga accessories. Balemciaga sandals, Balenciaga bracelets, Balenciaga coin purse.

Problem feet

A few years back I was obsessed with Louboutin shoes with really high heels. Yes, the 120 mm heel and even the 140. When so many people could walk around in those amazing heels looking fab, why couldn’t I? Stupid question. My feet are definitely not made for them, not my lifestyle either.

My fabulous Loubies ended up on a shelf. And then, after finally facing the fact that I will never use them, they ended up with new owners. The only Loubies I kept were two pairs of pumps and a pair of ankle booties with the 85 mm heel. Those I can actually wear without looking like a tortured duck. And! The cost-per-wear is next to nothing after many years of happy walking in those classic, red soles.

christian louboutin heels

christian louboutin heels


christian louboutin glitter heels

A failure purchase will collect dust in your closet

Over the years I have done my fair share of failure purchases. I still do, I’m not perfect. From that I learn what works for me and what suits my lifestyle. Yes, those Manolo Blahnik BB pumps are so pretty and classic and will probably make me look like a supermodel (and they are on sale!), but with two little boys and nowhere near an extravagant Upper East Side lifestyle, how much will I actually wear them? Better to invest in a pair of flats or save the money for something else, right? Sometimes I listen to the fashion angel on my shoulder, sometimes to the devil.

I do believe online shopping has contributed to a lot more failure purchases or impulse buys, although an impulse buy doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a mistake. Many of the most beloved things in my closet have been impulse buys. But going into an actual store makes you often think twice before buying something, instead of sitting comfortably in your pajamas, maybe with a glass of wine, putting things in your online cart. Or maybe not? If you’re a shopaholic (like me), this doesn’t necessarily stop you.

When we make a failure purchase, chances are the item ends up collecting dust in the closet. Better to hand it over to someone who will get more use out of it. But do we? Because we all know buying is fun, but closet cleanouts and selling are – well, not so much fun. We live and we learn.

My closet full of clothes


Grey sequin evening mini dress. Chanel Jumbo and Balenciaga Hip bag.

In our wardrobes, what do we really use?

In our wardrobes, what do we really use?

In our wardrobes, what do we really use?

In our wardrobes, what do we really use?

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  1. Amen!! I literally though I was the only one who does this! I cringe when I see really expensive shoes only to be worn a few times without rubber soles and get ruined! And my other advice is to never wear your designer shoes more than 1 days in a row. Rotate between shoes and let them dry out between use.

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