White outfit and Balenciaga graffiti City bag

Why I love white outfits 

I’ve always loved a nice white outfit, but lately, I’ve been obsessing about them. I’m drawn to white dresses, blouses, shirts, knitwear, jeans, denim jackets, bags, you name it. It may be because it’s spring or that I just have a sudden need for something more crisper and light. Either way, I love every shade of white. Ecru, ivory, cream, bright white… all by themselves or in combinations with other colors.

White just feels a bit more uplifting these days. It makes me feel more cheery, but it also has a calming effect. 

Also, a white dress or a pair of jeans, especially if they’re in an ecru or cream tone, looks more expensive than they really are. I have a few pieces from Zara and H&M that don’t even look like they’re high street. Add a designer accessory and voilà – there you have a unique, expensive looking outfit.

White with a touch of black

Since I live in Norway, the temperature isn’t high enough for leaving tights and jackets at home just yet, so I often combine a white outfit with black tights and ankle boots.

I just got this beautiful white ruffle dress from the H&M Studio SS19 and love how flowy and feminine it is. Here I’ve styled it with a Zara denim sailor cap, I Love Mr Mittens cream-colored cardigan (my favorite cardigan!), Balenciaga black Ceinture boots (my favorite boots!) and my newest addition to my bag family and my other obsession these days: a black Balenciaga graffiti bag (here in the black and white version).

White outfit and Balenciaga graffiti City bag

White outfit and Balenciaga graffiti City bag

White outfit and Balenciaga graffiti City bag

Balenciaga Graffiti Small City bag

There’s no secret I love Balenciaga. It’s definitely the brand, combined with Chanel, that identifies my style. Classic and feminine with a touch of rock chic and quirky elements. 

The Balenciaga City bag has been my number one everyday handbag for over a decade and I never get tired of it. Super lightweight, soft wrinkly leather, amazing colors, etc. But good things may also get better! When Demna Gvasalia introduced the Graffiti line he reinvented the City bag in my eyes, adding even more coolness to it.

You can love it or hate it. I love it. In fact, I love it so much that I sacrificed a few of my original City bags for this black Small City version with a crossbody strap and a white Mini City version (which I’ve posted a few times on my Instagram). 

Since the white ruffle dress is quite feminine, I wanted to balance it out with quirky accessories and this black graffiti bag was the perfect counterbalance. 

White outfit and Balenciaga graffiti City bag

White outfit and Balenciaga graffiti City bag

White outfit and Balenciaga graffiti City bag

Breast cancer update

In addition, I wanted to add a breast cancer update which also explains my absence on the blog lately. Having breast cancer is very tiring on many levels. Not so much cancer itself, mostly because of the treatment.

In late January I had my last session of chemotherapy. Yes, it was a relief to finally be done with 5 awful months with 3 different types of chemo, but still, I didn’t feel very happy about it… Why should I? I’ve been put into a never-ending nightmare, and also I knew I was far from finished as I still have other treatments to go through.

The surgery

First up was surgery which I had March 14. Due to many personal reasons, I had a double mastectomy with primary reconstruction, so it was a pretty big one. The operation took 7 hours and I was at the hospital for 5 days. And for 6 weeks I have to take it easy,  I cannot lift more than 1-2 kilos or put my arms above my head. Not very convenient when you have two young boys to look after!

On the positive side, there are no complications or infections and I’m very happy with the cosmetic result. Yes, it’s still painful, but at least I’ve got a pair of new fabulous boobies. Ha!

On the negative side, the surgeons unfortunately found spreading to my lymph nodes during surgery. This was a huge shock and another depressing setback because I’ve been assured several times that I didn’t have any spreading. I guess you never really know until they open you up?

So the surgery got a bit more complicated and they had to remove all of the lymph nodes under my right arm. In my case, this means severe pain under and on the inside of my arm. Hopefully, it’s only temporary. Also, it may cause problems later on because there is no drainage on my right arm anymore.

Remaining treatments

Because there was spreading I have to do a few weeks of radiation as well, (something I hoped I could avoid, ugh!). Plus a 10-year antihormone treatment to avoid relapse. There’ll probably be a few annoying side-effects from these treatments as well, but hopefully not as bad as from the chemotherapy.

But all in all, I’ve been lucky. I’m glad the surgeons managed to remove all of the cancer that was left after chemo, because the alternative would have been worse.

I may still have a long way to go, but at least my body is cancer-free!

White outfit and Balenciaga graffiti City bag

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